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About Donald Hirsch

A former journalist working with organisations to produce evidence and analysis that informs social policy


    Clear writing, clear-headed analysis, numerate, reliable, pragmatic, experienced, well-informed, collaborative


  • Independent consultant and writer on social policy. Since 1994 I have delivered tailored, on-time writing and analysis to   40 organisations in the UK and six other countries. Repeat clients include Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, OECD, Joseph Rowntree Foundation.
  • Director, Centre for Research in Social Policy, Loughborough University. Since 2008 I have been co-ordinating CRSP's work on minimum incomes and its other income and poverty related work.


   1998-2008  Poverty Adviser, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

   1990-94 Education official at OECD

   1986-90 Britain writer and education correspondent, The Economist

   1984-86 Assistant editor then editor, Inside Housing

   1981-84 Editor, Youthaid Bulletin