Three ideas for Dieppe to Paris itineraries

 All of the following use daytime ferry from Newhaven, arriving Dieppe about 3pm. They use the pick of the places to stay in my accommodation guide, all of them universally praised by visitors. NOTE SUMMER 2015: At present another option  is to take a late afternoon ferry, staying in Dieppe. I've set out some pluses and minuses of taking this one, but if you do, it makes Option 3 below more feasible (a 60 plus a 70 mile full day), or else to combine Option 3 (first day) with Option 2A (second day) -  ie two days of 50+ miles then one of 25.

1) Leisurely - 3.5 days: 20/25 miles...35/40 miles...35 miles...35 miles

Take your time, enjoy the countryside.
First afternoon gentle ride along Avenue Verte to Mesnieres or Neufchatel (20-25 miles). Stay at 23 Grand Rue or Manoir d'Aulage, each outstanding in its own way.
Day 2,  enjoy the Pays de Bray, getting hillier later on, ending at the marvellous Chambres du Confiturier a memorable treat. Or stop earlier at Le Cygne or Chambres de l'Abbaye  
Day 3, over the rolling plateau to the small town of Marines, then on through wooded valleys to Boisemont, staying at a rustic farmhouse, La Ferme Rose
Day 4, final day into Paris, passing by Seine and through the forests

2) Energetic  2 half days plus full day in middle:

Challenging, but manageable if you are reasonably fit

  45 miles...60 miles...25 miles
   Best option if you have a long summer evening to get a few hours in off the ferry
 First afternoon 45 miles off ferry to La Brayonne: worth the stretch  for Sophie's warm hospitality, tasteful home and lovely food.
Day 2, longish day through rolling countryside. Near the end, come down a magnificent hill off the plateau to the Seine, and stay at Campanile at la Villenne  - widely praised despite being a chain hotel
Day 3, the last 25 miles into Paris takes you through the forests and gives you time for a bit of sightseeing  before an evening Eurostar without the cost of a Paris hotel.

VERSION B  35 miles...60 miles...35 miles   Best option for large group and/or you want a shorter first afternoon ride that doesnt extend into the evening
This involves stopping in the pleasant town of Forges Les Eaux, where there are plenty of hotels in my guide. Sofhotel, and potentially Hotel St Denis have capacity for large groups.
On Day 2, it's then 60 miles to La Ferme Rose, which has high capacity and plenty of space to spread yourselves: a sociable place to stop.
Day 3 is then another 35 miles into Paris, giving enough time to look around before an evening departure

3) A challenge for fit riders - 1.5 days: 50-60 miles...70-80 miles

For this version, the main issue in booking your one night en route is how far you think you can get coming off a 3pm ferry. In midsummer it stays light till about 11pm, so you could be quite ambitious (but let the B&B/hotel know of your late arrival plans). The ideal is Chambres du Confiturier, at 61 miles nearly halfway to Paris. Apart from the fact that it's such a great place to stay, getting this far reduces the rush the next day, especially if you're booked on an evening Eurostar. But unless your're quite fast and on a road bike, Chambres de l'Abbaye or le Cygne (good for large groups) may be more realistic, and both really great places. Warning: you'll probably be thinking "we should leave really early on the second day, to give plenty of time to get to Paris". Once you see the splendid breakfasts that these places lay on, you'll find it hard to stick to your resolve. Also be warned that it's advisable to allow at least 45 minutes from Eiffel Tower to Gare du Nord, to allow for taking care in traffic, waiting at traffic lights, navigation and a chance to see the sights - so if you're doing a long day and catching the train, book it quite late if possible.


Fitting in London Paris in a weekend, for the busy working person:

Leave your desk early afternoon Friday

Get to Newhaven for the 11pm ferry

Arrive early Saturday morning and do maybe 80-ish miles to eg Marines

Get to Paris in time for an early Sunday evening Eurostar

Back at your desk first thing Monday morning

Main drawback is not getting much sleep on the ferry on Friday night, but you may have the sort of job where you can doze a bit on Monday...