(Use in combination with this map to navigate a bit at end of sheet 7 where someone got lost)

In June 2012 I cycled this route in reverse,  and below are some  detailed directions.  Let me know how they can be improved! Use them with the same map sheets as on the Dieppe to Paris instructions site, but in reverse order. This GPX file supplied by Bruce Hill gives the original route  backwards, but doesn't include the variations and takes you the wrong way round roundabouts and up one-way streets!

 Note the following main variations in the directions below:

         Coming through Bois de Boulogne, you go clockwise round the Hippodrome until you reach the river. Going against the flow of the racing bikes there is very hairy!

         Coming out of Versailles, you use the right-hand side of the main D186, to go with the traffic flow. At the large junction with the D307, you  then follow the well signed but extremely circuitous cycle route under various underpasses, and eventually emerge on the right hand side of the D307 heading west. 

         It’s really worth avoiding the very long hill out of Treil Sur Seine unless you like that kind of thing. My proposed way is to continue on the dual carriageway over the Seine to Chanteloup-les-Vignes and pick up the D22. This will save a lot of effort and is a quiet route.

         IMPORTANT: Arriving at Dieppe, do NOT follow the road signs to the car ferry that take you a roundabout way up a a steep hill to a busy road: carry through the town by the dock as shown on the map and in my directions below

Sheet 11

Different start due to one way streets:
Facing Eiffel tower, from its side of bridge,  right along wide embankment path (Quai Branly) to cross next bridge (Bir Hakem). Coming off it filter left. On embankment take right-hand option, Av president Kennedy for 600m: pass under a bridge and immediately turn right by  semi circular bldg (Radio France) -  rue Ranelagh. Keep rue Ranelagh to the end where it bends left, but now cut through to parallel rd on footpath.

You're joining mapped route at point B sheet 11. Keep ahead on cycleways across multiple crossings into Bois de Boulogne. Best not to follow anticlockwise route round hippodrome against the flow of lots of cycle racers. Instead, a few hundred metres after passing lake, take first main left on av de la Reine Marguerite. When this bends left take offroad path on rt. Straight on till you join cycle racer route for 400m, then take first left to reach  river at aqueduct footbridge, which you go up onto via ramp, and cross.

Sheet 10
 At top, turn left then take first left fork downhill but ignore second left fork to continue on r Andre Chevillon.

At end right up Rue Gounod, bending uphill. After flattens out, look for small left on Rue Maurice Ravel. Follow this road and bend to rt then almost immediately over minor crossroads into Rue Edeline. Shortly, immediately before junction with Av General Leclerc, tl onto foot/cycle path alongside General Leclerc, after 30m at junction with minor road look directly ahead for cycle paths downhill, hairpin left at bottom, under railway by underpass.  To enter park. By big glass bldg rt uphill to rbt. Half right towards Marnes. Follow signs to Marnes, getting there  in 2 kms . After park gate reach rd and half rt onto main rt in your general direction of travel. Left at end in front of Parc de Marnes, and at top half rt Route de l'Imperatrice.

  At end of this straight across into av de Villeneuve l'Etang (be careful to ignore Bd de Porte Verte).  Keep going later bending rt and becoming Ave General Mangin. At end rt then l rue col bange. Straight across rbt along cycle path on rt of bd St Antoine. Veer right at end alongside rte de St Germain. Reaching major interchange follow bike tunnels to take you to NW corner (Follow the green cycle signs provided to check that you are passed under/over the 2 main carriageways of  D307:  look for the green signs directing towards BAILLY. You come out onto cycle lane of slip road onto D307.) The signs to Bailly then take you alongside dual carriageway heading west. Come off at 1st junction and right heading north on D7.


Sheet 8
After going under mway, in 2/3 of a mile left on small rd/path marked l'etang la Ville. Follow this, rte plantee, across a D rd then angle rt, alongside m-way. At end, join rd coming in from rt, keeping yoiur direction of travel. Soon rt on D98 then in 2/3 of a mile left at first well surfaced path. In 600m right down long rte des princesses. At end swing rt and uphill past agricultural college. Cross main rd at lights. Swing left past stables and straight for 500m till crossing tracks where left. Keep straight as long as you can, onto less smooth path becoming winding footpath for short stretch before emerging at a road. Turn rt

Sheet 7
One ways causes slight variation. Take 3rd left r Dr Schweitzer, 1st l r d'Agremont, 1st rt r Marechal Lyautyey. Keep straight, crossing rbt, then later swing left with rd. As you go start going downhill take rt rather than l fork. Continue to end at lights. Left on main rd then in 600m first right d164. In another half mile right at 5-way junction av Clemenceau. Straight on thru Villennes to Medan. At end of rue verdun, right downhill for 30m then under railway thru small underpass. Left and follow your nose to reach riverbank and go along it via path becoming road, later passing campsites. Just before high bridge crossing Seine left along small roads to reach slipway to that bridge. Go across it using cycle lanes.

Here I advise taking alternative route thru Chanteloup to avoid VERY nasty hill past Thiel.  . Alternative hill is over much faster. See this map : Straight on after bridge. Follow signs to Chanteloup Les Vignes and here left on D22 uphill, rejoining route nr Boisemont.

Sheet 6

  Keep straight on through Courdimanche, going on D38 down hill to large roundabout, where take C2 to Sagy.  At Sagy, D61 to  Longuesse. Right then in 300m left to Vigny. Up thru Vigny, over busy D14 then immediately l, paralleling 514 till next main jn where rt D51. Take this thru le Perchay to Santeuil, where (after railway crossing) go right on small road just before left hand bend, winding left then right uphill past church, then left up out of village over fields on small straight road to reach and cross Marines ring road. Straight on to town centre, joining D28, still straight on.

Sheet 5
From Marines, follow D28 later D3 to Neuilly en Vexin, Monneville, Fleury, Jouuy sur Thelle. Straight on to Jouy la Grange on D129 which then turns off left to la Houssoye, le Coudray and St Germer de Fly

Sheet 4
Left at Abbey, first right, then veer to right at small triangular green onto rue de l' Etang. Cross main rd into small lane leading up to Auchy. At top, left and
left again down hill through Ferrieres into Gournay. At end left then immediately rt on main rd for 500m. First rt on D916

Sheet 3
In a mile and a half, left D16 to Cuy St Fiacre then Dampierre then Menerval. There take 2nd left towards Saumont la Poterie. At bottom of hill rt 158 continuing on it over next jn then left D61 at top. Stay on D61 thru la belliere, crossing railway then after half a mile right to le Fosse. Later right across rw then immediately left along it and into Forges .

Sheet 2
Left past Sofhotel over level crossing then immediately right on road following nr railway. Keep on this road without turning for 1km until reaching main road at T jn. Turn right for 400m then first right, after supermarket. Follow Avenue Verte signs for next 30 miles.

Sheet 1.
At the end at Arques la Bataille turn right (ignore yellow sign) to reach D1 in 500m. DO NOT FOLLOW CAR ROUTE to ferry:  thru Martin Eglise into Dieppe staying on D1.Straight on as far as you can then left and right along port to ferry.