Emmanuel Marin, a Parisian cycle enthusiast, is on a mission to let people know what wonderful cycle routes there are in and around his city. Rather impressively, he does not just tell people but shows them, in videos, on his website  Emmanuel has kindly filmed the last 30 miles of my route from the outskirts to the Eiffel Tower. This is particularly useful in showing what the ride is like, including the surfaces, especially in the forests. He usefully shows you not just the videos but stills (by scrolling down each page), with captions (if you understand French)

Start at this page  and press etape suivante for the next section.

Emmanuel also has a useful contrast with the "official" route going into Paris, which he likes less than mine because it is rather busy in parts. He comments:

"I made this video that shows that the Saint-Denis / Argenteuil section is not pleasant at all" :

(I'm not trying to say don't do the official route - it has its advantages especially before the last 30 miles, particularly being signed, but this gives you an indication of busier conditions that you won't find on my alternative)