Some notes and feedback from people who have cycled to Paris on this route from 2011 onwards:

Ines Rahts really gets the pleasure of the trip across in this lovely, light-hearted video of her solo ride in 2016.

Adam Wasiak describes his trip in April 2016 after getting his first adult bike aged 39, makng a new year's resolution to use it and being inspired by the stories on this page.

Piddinghoe to Paris by pedal power in July 2015 - Noel West and his partner Jane (not a bad place to live for this trip: Piddinhoe is just a hop and a skip from Newhaven)

This video from Adrienne Horne gives a splendid preview of the route, as does this account and videos from four riders from Oxted, Surrey to Paris in summer 2014.

The Burke family  (including children aged 9 and 11 on how to make this a leisurely family holiday

At the other end of the age spectrum, Walter Soreau (75) and Pop Ginger (81) made it an equally leisurely saunter through France, with amusing tales of their adventures here.

Dominic Irvine gives an excellent account of the pleasures of this route done quickly or slowly

Alexander Morrice tells an entertaining tale of his trip to Paris with his mum, younger brother and college teddy bear.

Alastair Meikle gives a good account of what it feels like to do the route camping

George James and the Elmbridge Cycle group provided some very helpful additional notes on points of interest along the way:

George also wrote up their exciting experiences negotiating a group of 13 from Elmbridge to Paris, featuring an encounter with the sapeurs pompiers of Dieppe and wading through an ornamental fountain in Parc St Cloud to retrieve runaway instructions.

Sheila Bridge wrote an enthusiastic and entertaining blog about her adventures

Ben Lovejoy on his various adventures including struggles with loading GPS which may help others trying to do so.

Michael and Gina Cochrane blog about their various adventures and post some great photos of their London to Paris with some route variations

- An extended, more scenic route after Forges:

If you have more time, it is worth considering heading down the Epte valley cycle path, starting near Gisors, which is really beautiful and shows off the best of the Vexin region. For this, stay on the Avenue Verte until it ends in a track in the countryside beyond Forges, and head across country to near Gisors. 

One version of this is used on the official Avenue Verte from London to Paris. You can use this site to find your way. One option is to use the maps to link Forges and Menucourt on the approach to Paris, then to switch back to my route rather than doing the meanders of the Seine.

One rider, Colin Revel, has done this combined route, in the reverse (Paris-Dieppe) direction, having also done my full route, and says it's an interesting variation. His remarks from Vigny to Forges are here.

Here are some other people who have gone this sort of way: