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New Statesman articles since 1997  

by Donald Hirsch


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Other articles 

July 2008  How much is enough (minimum income standard for Britain - online edition)

April 2008  Why the upratings system is raising inequality

December 2006 What Gordon Brown could be like as PM - if he has the courage

July 2006  Why we are failing our children (by not ending child poverty)

April 2006 Long-term care Scottish lessons

December 2005 Pre-budget report signals big change in tax credits

Jan 2005 Leader on poverty following on from JRF centenary reports

July 2004  The 2004 spending review and the possibility of reducing Whitehall control

April 2004 Why my running of the London Marathon has lessons for the ageing workforce

December 2003  My Crossroads After 50 report points the way to grey labour

October 2003 Tory pension plans are seductive but dangerous

December 2002 Progress in reducing child poverty

April 2002 How the press reacted to the penny on NI

December 2001 PISA gives support for comprehensives

November 2001 Widening tax credits to more of the working poor - and the pitfalls

September 2001 Why poverty strategy can't just be about getting work

December 2000: Second term agenda proposal - help older people work part time

Lab Conference 2000: Audit of what Labour has done for inequality

Jan 2000: PM pledges health spending will rise to Euro average

July 1999: Work isn't everything: welfare beyond work

December 1998: Publication of indicators to "keep Labour honest"

September 1998: First look at who's better off under Labour

December 1997: European welfare systems and solidarity