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Selected publications, 1992-present 

Donald Hirsch  

More detailed list from 2010 on my Loughborough web pages                

2013 A minimum income standard for the UK in 2013 JRF

Cost of child poverty update
2012A minimum income standard for the UK in 2012: keeping up in hard timesJRF

Does the tax and benefit system create a couple penalty?JRF
2011A minimum income standard for the UK in 2011JRF

The hours trapResolution Foundation/

Globalisation and influences on the cost of a minimum living standard in the UKJRF
2010A miniminum income standard for the UK in 2010JRF
2009A minimum income standard for Britain in 2009JRF

Ending child poverty in a changing economyJRF
2008The cost of child povertyJRF

Unhealthy lives (health and child poverty)End Child Poverty

The future of care funding Caring Choices coalition
2007 Experiences of poverty and educational disadvantage JRF

Chicken and egg: Child poverty and educational inequalities CPAG
2006 What will it take to end child poverty? JRF 

Live Longer, Work Longer  (with Mark Keese)

2005 Facing the cost of long-term care JRF
2004 Strategies against poverty JRF

Presentation of PISA 2003 findings OECD
2003 Crossroads after 50 JRF

Tackling disadvantage JRF
2002  School: A choice of directions OECD
2001 Presentation of PISA 2001 findings OECD
2000 A credit to children JRF

Winning the generation game (with PIU team) Cabinet Office
1999 Welfare beyond work JRF
1998 Staying ahead: In-service training and teacher professional development (with John Walshe) OECD
1997 Social protection and inclusion: European challenges for the UK JRF
1996 Detecting a Change: Progress in Tackling Crime Audit Commission
1995 What makes workers learn (with Daniel Wagner) Hampton Press
1994  School: A matter of choice OECD
1993 City Strategies for Lifelong Learning OECD
1992  School and Business: A New Partnership OECD